Sunday, August 25, 2013

On the Other Side - Half Way into My African Safari Adventure

I sit here on my deck overlooking the sandy river bed onto the plains on the other side as I write this,   "A leopard was sighted near the campsite," we heard as we were finishing up breakfast by another riverbed. We decided to forego our usual morning walk back in exchange for what we thought would be another likely, but rare, leopard viewing. We drove and drove, in, through and around the heavy brush of the last sighting. What would normally be a commonly unsuccessful search was unusual in its miss since I've been here. Our Guide, Formen, has had a brilliantly successful run since my arrival only 2 days ago.
I stare into one of the brush mounds in the middle of the sand where the leopard lay on my first evening here, wondering if he might return. Our morning drive concluded with a search for one of the elusive leopards, of which I have had more than my fair share of sightings thus far in only 2.5 days.

Only 2 days ago. . . . that reminds me that my stay here is now half over. How quickly it always goes. Despite how early those 5:30am mornings seem to come, and how dreaded they might be, the time passes quickly. I love each minute of each day. Whether it is sitting here in the afternoon to write, reflect, draw and read watching the monkeys play around the lodge as the sun shines in the warm, 70-80 degree temperatures, or the exquisite views on the game drive, there is little more anyone could ask from a life so blessed.

Two more days, 4 more game drives, left here at Tanda Tula. Then off to my next game lodge in the Klaserie reserve on the other side of the Timbavati Reserve where I am now. Four days, or 8 game drives here, and three days, or 6 game drives, there before heading back to Johannesburg where a lovely suite with a large deck and jacuzzi await me for another 2 days before heading back to Atlanta.

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