Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dreams do come true….

(continued from my trip of 2013)

I arrive at my next phase of my South African safari…nThambo Tree Camp  in the Klaserie Reserve of the larger Kruger Park. The Klaserie is on the other side of the national park from the Timbavati Reserve where I spent the first 4 days at Tanda Tula.

I am treated to a lovely cocktail to enjoy in the beautiful lodge area, nicely appointed with all of the African safari décor you dream about, while looking out the open-wall of the lodge onto the vast bush. 

I wonder if I’ll see some animals coming up to our lodge area like I did across the way at Tanda Tula.

My new accommodations at nThambo Tree Camp resemble what I have had in my mind for many years as a place I would like to visit.
I’m above ground, in a tree, having an open wall to my tent that looks out onto the African bush. The elevated hut has rich dark wooded floors with a deck, covered by a thick thatched tee-pee shaped roof, and the perfect bed about which I’ve fantasized

...a large, king-sized, wooden-framed, fresh & cozy white comforter and sheets with the beautiful white netting around it. I am home in my dream.

I spent the afternoon before lunch sitting at the perfect writing table and chair in my tree tent, looking out onto the African bush for miles and writing with such delight, passion and enjoyment like I've rarely had before. I envisioned Hemingway himself in such a place. Note to self . . . I must do this more often and find spots like this that excite my mind, my senses and my passion for life and this glorious world in which we live. I feel like I could sit here, read and write just about anything forever….

To see more about nThambo Tree Camp see here: nThambo Tree Camp.  To see more of my pictures from the Klaserie Reserve and my time at nThambo, see here: South African Safari - Klaserie Reserve Best Shots

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